Monoprice Maker Select v2#

Tags: 3d-printing

I bought my first 3D printer from Amazon in 2018 for $300. It’s on the cheaper end but there’s a large community behind it.

Oct ‘21 Upgrading Parts#

First set up parts being upgraded with:

  1. Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend with Slotted Cooling Block

  2. DIYE Y Carriage Plate Upgrade

  3. Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX 3-Pin 40x10mm Fan

  4. ARCTIC Thermal Pad 120x20x0.5mm

I started to get filament jams in the middle of prints. Since I started to take the printer apart I thought it would be a good idea to get some upgrades in.

I replaced the nozzle and hot end (except for the heat block) with an all-metal version (the original had a small teflon tube inside the heat break), replaced the carriage plate underneath the bed with a thicker one that better resists warping, replaced the cheap noisy fans with Noctuas with custom shortened and crimped wires, and added a thermal pad between the heat sink and the cooling block (there was nothing there before, just metal-on-metal contact).

For crimping the wires I used the following:


Oct ‘21 Magnetic Build Plate#

I’ve been using a 220x220mm Borosilicate Glass Bed placed on top of the BuildTak sheet that came with my printer along with glue stick with some success. This upgrade replaces all that with a magnetic steel sheet which has a layer of PEI on it.

Items needed: