Robert Pooley#

Welcome to my website that I’ve been maintaining since I was in the 6th grade. I’ve always enjoyed learning how things work and sharing my findings with others. My website is basically dedicated to the latter part as you can see. Fun fact: the domain name is the handle I’ve been using online since the 7th grade (I first used it as my AOL screen name).

I started my career doing tech support for dial-up internet in high school (sometimes whilst playing Unreal Tournament 99), but at every job I slowly taught myself how to code to make my job easier. In my first job I learned PHP and created a command line tool to quickly check if a customer’s phone number was eligible for DSL internet that the company resold.

I left the tech support industry after the company I was working for at the time moved me to the 5 AM shift. I was fortunate enough to get a contracting position shortly after at Symantec and eventually got into a software engineering career path.

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