Golf Alltrack SE

This page is a log book of all the modifications I’ve done to my 2019 Alltrack.

21-09 Rear Dashcam Pair

Installed a second pair of cameras to get a better view out of the rear of my car for read-end crashes as well as another IR camera pointed towards the front of the car. This way I have a sort of 360 view from both inside-pointing cameras. Like the front camera I also bought a tamper-proof case for the rear one. Similarly I also use BlackVue batteries to keep the camera powered overnight.

Items Purchased

BlackVue DR750-2CH IR LTE Dashcam
  • $450

  • 1080p main camera

  • 1080p infrared second camera

  • LTE, WiFi, GPS, microSD slot

  • LTE seems to only use about 6 MiB a day on average

Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack
  • $330

  • Installed in the cargo area

BlackVue B-124E Power Magic Ultra Battery Expansion
  • $269



21-09 OBDeleven

These modifications are done with an OBDeleven device.

Refuel Quantity

Adds a screen in my MFD where the car estimates how much fuel it would take to fill the tank. Handy for when I have to prepay with cash at gas stations.

Refuel quantity in dashboard

Automatic DST

Instead of having to toggle DST manually the car does it automatically.

Automatic daylight saving time switchover

21-08 Drag Race

Taken off of Shoreline Hwy in Stinson Beach CA.

Alltrack Photo 2021-08-23

Also took it to the drag strip.


21-08 P3 Vent Gauge

Installed this to have a boost gauge in my air vent: P3 V3 OBD2 - VW Mk7 / Mk7.5 Gauge (2014-2020)

I didn’t bother hooking up the dimmer wire since you can dim it manually by holding the right button. I mounted the controller box using zip ties (it’s on tight and doesn’t move at all) and I heatshrinked the unused wires to avoid any potential shorts.

Vent Gauge
Controller Mount

21-06 Fire Extinguisher

Bought a rechargeable 2.5 lb fire extinguisher from Amazon: Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher B417T

I then zip tied it to my car placing some velcro around the fire extinguisher, so it’s easy to pull out during an emergency. It stays put after driving for weeks and doesn’t get in the way of lifting the cover to access my spare tire.

Fire Extinguisher

21-05 AirTag

I found that the best place to put an AirTag on my car is behind the front VW emblem out of the way of the radar sensor. The cover is plastic, so it doesn’t hurt bluetooth range that much. I can also hear the AirTag play its sound from a decent distance in a parking lot.


20-02 Front Dashcam Pair

I installed a BlackVue dashcam along with multiple batteries to get about 2 days of recording time while my vehicle is parked. I live in San Francisco and while my car is parked overnight in a garage, I occasionally park my car in the street and after a year nobody has broken in to steal the camera.

As a precaution I bought the tamper-proof case so a thief can’t just pull out the wires and take the camera. Additionally I zip tied the wires tightly to the internal metal part of my rearview mirror (and threaded it through a narrow hole for more strength). Hopefully this means anyone that wants to steal the camera will need to bring a knife or scissors along, and I’m hoping those are the minority of opportunistic thieves in the city.


I suggest covering up unused ports on the BlackVue battery with electrical tape. When I was unplugging and plugging in wires I accidentally plugged the input power cable in the expansion port of the main battery, sending 12v from the battery back to my car. Luckily nothing broke but I kept getting ABS errors until I figured out my mistake.

Items Purchased

BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam
  • $490

  • Installed behind rearview mirror

  • 4K main camera

  • 1080p infrared second camera

  • WiFi, GPS, microSD slot

Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack
  • $330

  • Installed in the cargo area

  • Comes with 3 meter long cables which just barely reached with no slack left

BlackVue B-124E Power Magic Ultra Battery Expansion
  • $267

Front Camera Pair

I first installed just the two cameras in the front and wired them to the batteries in my cargo area. For now I didn’t wire the batteries to my fuse panel, using the rear 12v outlet instead.


Hardwire Batteries

Once I was happy with the cameras I finished the project by hardwiring the batteries to my fuse box. I used the included fuse taps and I used 15 amp fuses. In the photos below you’ll see two pairs of wires from my fusebox. I ran a second wire from a second tapped fuse since I may add a second pair of cameras in the future. I tapped fuse 48 and 36. These are switched fuses so when the ignition is off they’ll lose power and prevent the BlackVue battery from draining my car’s battery when parked.


20-02 Under-Seat Drawer

Just like my old TDI I wanted the OEM drawer under the driver seat to store things. Unlike my old TDI there is no passenger seat drawer available for the Alltrack. While installing, I also lined the drawer and the dash cubby that came with the car with felt so things wouldn’t rattle.

I bought the drawer for $156 on ECS Tuning: Driver’s Seat Tray Kit Titanium Black 5GM 882 599 KT

20-01 Trashcan

Bought this from Amazon: display4top Auto Car Trash Can Bin Waste Container

Sadly it’s no longer available.